Farhanah Afiqah | March 22

Just call me Farhanah for short. Currently living in Selangor. I'm the eldest with a younger sister and a little brother. Studied in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, away from my family for 5 years.

And now, I'm studying in Universiti Utara Malaysia for another 5 years far far away from my family. Currently pursuing my degree in industrial statistics and previously an asasi pengurusan student. Click here to read about my asasi journey.

Quite an introvert. May be seem as extremely quiet, because I take time in making new friends. I don't really start the conversation, but in certain situations, I have to. I'm happy to make new friends but I'm a bit shy hehe.

Not really a good writer. I write about my ordinary daily life (although I don't write everyday), especially my life as a student, but to be honest I prefer reading other blogger's writings more. I'm not really a good writer, my language is just average but I hope you enjoy my blog.

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