Ijazah Sarjana Muda Sains (Statistik Industri)


Hi there! If you are aware, I've already finished my foundation studies and is officially an Asasi Pengurusan UUM graduate. Read my journey in asasi here!

Since we can only further our undergraduate studies in this university, so I will spend my another 4 years here for my degree - another 4 years living far away from home, but I'm having a great time studying here with my friends.

Especially when I'm surrounded with friends from asasi, which gives me confidence in taking a step forward into my degree studies.

Here are some stories of my life as an undergraduate student. It may be not complete, but I hope it still gives you a bit overview about my life and studies here.

- New Phase of My Life

- Music Showcase 2017

- Semester 1: Courses

Have fun reading!

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