4 Anime I Currently Watching


Semester break is so long and I'm already bored staying at home alone. Everyone's out to school (and work). I spend most of my time in my room the laptop is now my best friend.

Here are some anime I watched and currently watching.

1. Skilled Teaser Takagi-san | からかい上手の高木さん | Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san [12 episodes]


"If you blush, you lose!"

Takagi and Nishikata are classmates, and Takagi's ultimate hobby is teasing Nishikata almost everyday. Plus Nishikata blush easily, which makes Takagi loves to tease him even more, she can't help it!

And of course, Nishikata hates that and he seeks for a revenge whenever he has the opportunity. Unfortunately Takagi is always one step forward than him hahah.

Their interactions are seriously cute I kept grinning when watching them hehe. If you want to watch something light and cute, this is a must! The last episode especially is the cutest seriously (oops won't spoil it here).

2. Cells at Work | はたらく細胞 | Hataraku Saibou [13 episodes]

"A tale about the inside of your body."

Basically this is a story about your cells in the body and how they do work in your body in animated version.

For example, red blood cells wearing red caps carry packages of oxygen on carts to specified organs. They even have a map of the blood circulatory system. And white blood cells wearing white uniforms always carry knifes with them to kill those harmful invaders. Even their hair are white lol. Meanwhile platelets are kawaii little kindergarten kids.

white blood cell and the platelets
Tengok la platelet tu comel gila hahah.

I barely remember what I learned in biology class but still it is interesting and cute to watch for me. It's also tagged as comedy anime.

3. Kakuriyo: Bed and Breakfast for Spirits | かくりよの宿飯 | Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi [26 episodes]


Aoi's late grandfather had a massive debt with Tenjin-ya. She must marry the Tenjin-ya master, an oni (ogre I think?) as a compensation. Of course, Aoi refuses and determined to work to pay the debt off.

Making use of her cooking skill, Aoi makes money by setting up an eatery in Tenjin-ya while helping ayakashis around her who need help, including ayakashi from the rival inn, Oryo-ya.

Lepastu ada la drama dia dengan ayakashi-ayakashi kat situ especially dengan yang kat Oryo-ya tu. Dan cinta Aoi dengan Oodanna-sama pun mula la berputik sikit demi sikit. Dan Oodanna-sama pun makin lama makin comel pulak aku tengok hahah.

I just realised the ending songs are sung by their own voice actors. So cool! Sedap jugak diaorang nyanyi.

Awh the ending songs are indeed beautiful. Check these out:

You should listen to these songs and check out the lyrics.

4. Chihayafuru | ちはやふる  [1: 25 episodes, 2: 25 episodes, OVA: 1 episode, 3: to be aired]


Chihaya become interested in karuta since she meet Arata
, and now is really into it. She determined in improving herself in karuta that she managed to play at national level together with Taichi and their group members, so that she can meet her and Taichi's best friend (and love interest?), Arata.

What I like about this anime is they show clearly what is karuta and how it is played. You can learn a lot about karuta just by watching this anime, a game that requires both physical and mental strength .

Chihaya sending a card to the opponent

Apart from that, the best part in this anime is during every karuta match. They portray how the opponent started playing karuta and what motivates them to do so, and why each player wants to win so badly, which makes each tornament intense. You don't know which side to stand for as both sides are determined to win and each of them really deserves the victory.

The third season of the anime is also said to be aired in 2019. Can't wait, although I still not finished watching the second one. Yelah satu match pun makan masa dua episod lol. Penat jugak melayan anime ni, season 1 dengan season 2 ada 25 episod. I watched the movies first before proceed to the anime.

For me these anime are worth to watch. How about you? Do you have any particular anime you like to watch?

[1], [2], [3], [4] photos are from here.


  1. hehe its great to be young boleh layan anime. btw mata2 anime ni comel2 la =D

    1. Tengah cuti ni sempat la nak layan anime sikit hehe

  2. ohmygoddddd i memang tengah cari anime yang number 2 tu. saya selalu nampak budak lelaki post pasal tu tapi malu nak tanya hahahaha. i rarely watch anime but this is too cuteeeee! anyway, thanks for the reviews! finally boleh hilangkan bosan lagi 2 minggu cuti ni xD

    1. Their cuteness motivates me to keep watching the anime hehe.

  3. Najihah layannnn Chihayafuru! sampaikan live action pun najihah tengok!

    1. Same here! Tapi movie yang latest tu tak tengok lagi hehe.

  4. i think that Cells at Work is really interesting since it's also aired on Animax. i only have the opportunity to watch the short ad of it but not the entire series tho. it is all because of my busy life lol

  5. Lama dah tak layan anime. Maybe I can start again by picking out one from this list sebab semua pun comel:D

  6. Dah 3 tahun tak tengok anime hahaha

  7. dah tengok yang no 1 dan 4, tak sabar nak tunggu third season, baru tau akan ada third season rupanya :D

    yg no 2 dan 3 pun masih layan sebab ongoing kan :D

  8. Dah tengok Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san and Chihayafuru S1+S2, sangat best. Kalau ada masa tengoklah Kakegurui :D


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