How's Semester 2 Going


For the whole first sem I 'melekat-ed' with my business math friends since we have all classes together except information systems for organisation class. This course is compulsory for stats students and not for them.

But for this semester (semester 2) our courses are completely different. I no longer have classes with them. I'm the only stats student, so I have to survive without my close friends, or another 'easiest' way, make some new friends.

management class:

I just realised the girl I-don't-remember-her-name I talked to once (1) is actually in the same management class with me.
And (2) the boy who is my friends' friend, (I know him but I don't think he knows me haha),
and (3) Fakri from my caklempong group,
and (4) another boy from my entrepreneurship class I-never-asked-his-name.

So total = 4 students. I should've talked to them more and make some new friends by now, but

I've been sitting alone at the front row, at the one end of the row.

in management class at DKG 6/15

At first I just wanted to sit at the end of any row--easy for me to go to the toilet and that front row was the only seat available, then it eventually became my permanent seat . Some girls sit beside me, but they already have their own circle. Plus they don't sit beside me for every lecture.

Most of the time beside me is empty. Students don't really like the first row because it's the lowest row and you need to lift your head up a bit to look at the screen.

I end up sitting alone and minding my own business, and get out from the hall immediately as the lecture ends hahah.

How I survive: I just whatsapp (4). We have entrepreneurship class together. I don't save his number but for entrepreneurship class we have a class whatsapp group. I only have the courage to whatsapp him because he talked to me once before, asking about our entrepreneurship class assignment.

Or sometimes I just ask my assignment group members via Whatsapp. Oh wait how did I managed to have a group?

The girl beside me didn't have a group yet so she asked me to join her and she urged me to be the group leader hm hm. Then another members joined us just because we were the only group with not enough members lol.

linear algebra class:

Before linear algebra test I saw that Indian SME girl (Aswini I think) when I was doing some quick revision at the table outside BT1. We chatted a bit and then she sat at the table with me--actually because we exchanged glances so that's why she approached me.

Usually I'll avoid non-familiar people's gazes quickly haha, but I think that's a bit rude since basically we know each other. She usually sits in front of me in the class, also a stats student, and also staying in SME. Stats students are quite the minority if I'm not mistaken.

the tables outside BT1

Actually I'm glad to start the conversation and not avoiding myself from people. But when she sat at the table facing me, I was, dunno, I can't focus on my revision and don't know what to talk about hahah. But then she asked some questions about the topic and we had a chat then.

I wish to be a bit more outgoing but it's not that easy. Starting the very first conversation (read: asking simple questions to encourage them to talk to me) is okay with me but to keep chatting while avoiding myself from being seen as awkward, entahlah. I hate the awkward silence after I started a conversation, so I try hard thinking what should I say next or what should I ask more, which makes me flustered a bit if I don't come up with the right word to continue the chat. Plus everyone seems older and more mature than me I feel so smol lol!

Yeah I take some time to make new friends. I wonder how some people can just talk random stuffs without hassle with random someone who are highly likely not having the same interest with you. Putting myself in that random stranger's shoes, I'd be reluctant to share my stories with someone I don't know. How can you be so sure he/she is interested to talk to you and keep the conversation going?

Introverted much, huh? Or am I just using introversion as an excuse?


  1. teringat sorang kawan sekolah dulu, kami uni lain-lain tapi still in contact. dia budak stats jugak, tak rapat dengan classmate but she just dgaf. Takde groupmate-dia buat je assignment sorang2 lol.

    1. aduh macam mana dia survive buat assignment sorang2 😅

  2. hello farhanah. haha tbh we're the same! masa tahun pertama degree, i was always all alone. i sat alone and hard to find teammates for group assignments. it's so awkward for me start a conversation with 'strangers', so i ended up alone. haha anyway, its not a bad thing to be all alone though, it helps us to be more independent i guess xD

  3. For me, just don't worry about it too much. As long as they give good response, you are doing great! :)


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