A Hang Out


Hi. First year is over and it's time for me to take a break, a really long one. Eventually I get bored staying at home. Luckily my friends studying in another universities are also having their break, so we hang out on one peaceful day.

IOI City Mall

Okay, although some of my school friends live in Selangor, my house is an "outlier". Mine is a bit far from theirs. I took a komuter to Serdang station, which took more than an hour. Nak ke KL Sentral je dah sejam, tapi demi kawan takpelah hehe.

Then I met Ana at Serdang. We supposed to take a bus to IOI but, we missed it. Erm I already keluar rumah at 7.20 a.m. kut.

So we took a taxi instead, because Uber and taxi's rate were just the same.


Then we met the others (Oya, Pika and Mai) at IOI and decided to watch a movie while waiting for our other two friends who will come after zuhur.

we got a detergent sample lol

For me the movie was bolehlah, best la jugak. Romantic comedy but a bit emotional. The brother is quite handsome lol. He lives with his younger sister, Jane and she does all house chores. Chut does nothing, and he even leaves the house in mess, all the time which makes him not handsome anymore hahah. Their house is so beautiful, it's a shame their house is dirty.

And one day Jane fell in love with the boss and is getting married. They then will live in Japan leaving Chut alone. And then Jane and Chut had a big fight, he even didn't go to his sister's wedding. Yeah I'm not good in writing reviews sorry.

The last scene where Chut realised his mistakes was a bit emotional. Only one thing: I don't get why the title is  Brother of The Year.

Lunch at Dubuyo

This is my first time eating Korean food. I know nothing about Korean food hahah so I'm giving it a try.

We don't really know what to order, plus the description on the menu card is not really helping. And the waitress, didn't really explain or suggest a menu for first time customers like us. She even asked another waiter to entertain us, maybe she had another task to do.

I ordered ramen cheese rabokki set, because ramen is the only korean food I've heard hahah, the other menus are weird (I mean the names). There's only photos for selected menus. I asked the waitress if the rabokki set is spicy or not, and she said yes.

I can't really stand too spicy food so I ordered iced water (RM 0.70 only I'm so glad). Turns out it's actually not that spicy. Well I thought she meant it's like the cheese samyang's spiciness.

I shouldn't order the set one. Too many veggies.

Rabokki is actually ramyeon (ramen) + tteobboki (rice cake). You can see the noodle, rice cake and fish cake there. And a layer of cheese and sliced boiled eggs. I don't know about the boiled egg, a bit weird combination for me. #lidahmelayu

For the kuah, it's delicious when it's still hot, really! It tastes sweet and spicy, and a bit curry-like taste and pekat. But when it's cold, the sweet taste out-leashes the other tastes. I like the cheese and fish cake.

The rice cake is damn thick! I can't finish all rice cake, too full to eat any more rice cake.

tak habis

My friends order honey chicken wing set, yukgaejang (looks like glass noodle and beef in spicy soup) and soon dubu set (tofu and egg and something else in soup-looks-like-tomyam-for-me and rice).

shopping (?)

After lunch, our other two friends said they already in front of Dubuyo.

Mana korang?

Depan Dubuyo ni la.

Mana? Tak nampak pun??

They actually in front of Dubuyo IOI Puchong. They took a Grab from KTM Serdang to IOI Puchong instead of IOI City lol.

so it's just 5 of us instead of 7

I got myself a new handbag from Miniso hehe. I never had one before. And two cups of Chatime, one for me and another for my sister.

That's all. And now I'm bored again. Thanks for reading.


  1. Ramai juga kawan saya yang selalu confused IOI City Mall dengan IOI Puchong.

    1. Itulah, silap jugak sebab lupa nak pesan kat diaorang IOI ada dua sebenarnya.

  2. lama tak singgah sini. it's good to know that you're having a good time. ^^

  3. that food from dubuyo restaurant looks so delicious tho!

    1. yeah, except the sayur because I don't like sayur hahah

  4. raboekki is actually my fav korean food so far!

    1. It's my first time eating it, sedap jugak hehe.

  5. Good to see you enjoy the moment with your friends :)


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