Semester 1: Courses


What I've learnt for the first semester so far:

1. Malaysian Nationhood Studies [University Core] - in Malay language
For me Nationhood and Ethnic is quite similar. I think Nationhood is more about the formation of the nation and the nationhood, some history about our country and why it happened, and a bit about the government's administration and policies.

2. Ethnic Relationship [University Core] - in Malay language
While Ethnic focuses more on the relationship between the Malaysia citizens, and how we move from segregation during the colonisation period to integration. Personally I think Ethnic is a bit harder than Nationhood haha.

Most university core courses are conducted in Malay and the final exam will be multiple choices question, total of 100 questions. Courses that are targeted A by the students, but still there's a lot to read :').

3. Calculus I [Programme Core]
Basically covers limits and continuity, differentiation and its inverse: integration, and their applications. Differentiating and integrating trigonometric functions, ln and exponents are tricky. Well, everything is tricky because I don't really like calculus lol.

4. Data Exploratory and Generalisation [Programme Core]
I call it Data for short. I'm not sure why they call it with such a long name instead of simply Statistics I. This course discusses some basic concepts in statistics that cover topics of common sampling techniques, data collection processes, descriptive data, central tendency measurements, dispersion measurements, probabilities and data visualisation. The discussion will be limited to bivariate cases and students will be exposed to an early use of statistical packages for analysis purposes.

5. Information System in Organisation [Programme Core]
Another long name so I just call it IS. This course introduces basic concepts of computer based information system, technical based of information system, system applications in organisation, methods of system development, and information in community with the purpose of solving problems in the organisation.

6. English Proficiency III [English Language Core]
aka EP 3. Actually there are EP 1, EP 2 and EP 3 which must be taken according to your MUET band. As for students with band 4, you'll start from EP 3 (and proceed with two ESPs).

7. Catering I
Ko-k is compulsary. There are lots of ko-k courses to be choosen. Ko-k must be taken for 4 semesters. Visit here to see ko-k courses offered.

As for me, my friends and I chose Catering. For this semester we learned the theories about catering in class. We'll have our class in the kitchen for next semester. Can't wait ~

[source: courses syllabus and my experience]

So this is a bit explanation on courses I'm taking for this semester. I try to follow the guideline SQS suggested as possible so that I won't mess up my schedule haha, but it's always okay to not follow the guideline 100% though.

If you're reading until the end of this post, do pray for my exam result. Thank you guys!

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  1. wah part koko tu best boleh masuk kitchen ! and all the best ^^

  2. all da best girlll. may Allah ease evrything for u throughout the semester

    1. Insyaallah and amin. Thanks Raydah!

    2. hi. jmput la join n meriahkan segmen GA kt sini

  3. All the best for the upcoming new semester and your exam result too! :)

    1. Thanks. Good luck for your exam result too Syfka!

  4. haii farhanah,, semoga berjaya.. semoga dipermudahkan semua urusan :)

  5. Good luck for your result! In shaa Allah all will be great! :)

  6. All the best dear..

    Btw, lawa gilerrr template ni!

    1. Thankyou kak! Hehe template free je ni.


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