Our Very First Showcase!


Hi guys! How's your life?

Week 14 was such a hectic week and I rarely had a chance to visit your blogs. I really want to read your new posts but I myself barely have time for my own post.

I don't know why we don't have study week here. Semeser dulu-dulu ada je. So before I spend my time with the books let me share with you about our first music showcase.

Music Showcase 2017

So briefly, the music club I joined is under Pusat Budaya dan Seni (PBS) and there are many groups in this club according to instruments we play.

I join the caklempong group. Actually our caklempong group is still new, baru start tahun lepas masa asasi. And we are still considering to name our group Gemersik Aurora or Gemersik Sari.

Gemersik Aurora or Gemersik Sari? What do you say?

Interesting fact about our group is, all of us doesn't have any music theory basic! At first we never know about tempo (which is for me the most crucial aspect when you play music) or how to read those 'taugeh' notes. But now we are slowly learning those things and we still managed to perform in front of the crowds.

we were the first to perform!

This showcase gathers all music club members to perform different types of musics together. This is our first time performing in our own showcase and we were soo nervous! Before this we only play for events openings and not in a hall like this.

For music lovers, this showcase is a must for you to come and watch! There were many performances from different kind of genres including traditional musics and even jazz and live bands!

Groups performing:

🌚 Gendang 24 Musim
🌚 Gemersik Sari
🌚 My Favorite Valentine
🌚 Theory Band
🌚 Utama Jazz Band
🌚 Koir Nada Utama
🌚 Seventh 9
🌚 Fireflies
🌚 Belo-Belo (special appearance from the PBS staffs!)

They were so great I swear! I enjoyed this night so much. Oh I forgot to mention. I was also the stage manager for the night - stage manager assistant to be specific. So I spent the whole time behind the stage. Didn't have the chance to watch the other's performances. Only got to listen and had some chat with them behind the stage.

with the awesome squad

Insyaallah we will be having this music showcase again next year, perhaps in Dewan Tan Sri Othman, which is much bigger compared to this Dewan Budi Siswa! En. Haris already whatsapped me the day after our showcase about our 2nd showcase lol.

PBS didn't upload the video yet. I'll put the link later when they upload the video okay?

Update: Here's the video for you. Gemersik Sari starts at 4:07. Enjoy!

🌚 Thank you to my roommate for the makeup!

11 thoughts

  1. I loved hearing people playing cak lempong.. I think it's produce unique and soothing sounds.. :3

    1. Agreed! But I love the gamelan sound more hehe.

  2. Weeee talk about a busy slash hectic slash murderous Week 14! I understand you bruh. Hehehehe

    1. Thank you for understanding hahah #terharu

  3. Seronoknya! I really wanted to learn playing cak lempong tapi sampai sekarang belum ada rezeki lagi.

  4. uwahhhhh.. i've never had any experience with showcase before.

  5. Wowww saya teringin nak main benda benda macam tu tapi tangan kayu hehehe

    1. Tangan kayu time mula-mula main itu benda normal hahah

  6. I could never play any music instruments even for a simple instruments like the decoder thing that we learned in music class during primary school lol.



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