New Phase of My Life


Registering as a degree student was exhausting.

Why? There were almost 4000 new students registering on that day! The heavy traffic took me almost an hour for me to reach Bukit Kachi from the main gate although it is only 3 km!

This time, instead of my parents, it was my aunt and uncle and tok sending me to UUM. Mama and abah were performing hajj that time.


My choices:

1. B.Sc. Hons. (Industrial Statistics) (Hons)
2. B.Sc. (Decision Science) (Hons)
3. B.Sc. (Information Technology) (Hons)

I think art stream doesn't suit me lol. I do not know why some people claims science is difficult, while for me art is more complicated.

There are more than 40 undergraduate courses in UUM. Here are the links to respective schools (pusat pengajian) in UUM in case you want to know more about the courses available here.

In case la hahah. Or you can just skip this.

College of Business [COB]:

- Tunku Puteri Intan Safinaz School of Accounting [TISSA]
- School of Business Management [SBM]
- School of Economics, Finance and Banking [SEFB]
- School of Technology Management and Logistics [STML]
- Islamic Business School [IBS]

College of Arts and Sciences [CAS]:

- School of Multimedia Technology and Communication [SMMTC]
- School of Education and Modern Language [SEML]
- School of Quantitative Sciences [SQS]
- School of Applied Psychology, Social Work and Policy [SAPSP]
- School of Computing [SOC]
- School of Creative Industry Management and Performing Arts [SCIMPA]

College of Law, Government and International Studies [COLGIS]

- School of Law [SOL]
- School of Government [SOG]
- School of International Studies [SOIS]
- School of Tourism, Hospitality and Environment Management [STHEM]

As for me, I am now taking B.Sc. (Industrial Statistics) (Hons) which is under SQS, my first choice. When people asks me what course I am taking, I will just say "stats" or "statistics". Industrial statistics is such a long name.

I am the only asasi student taking this programme. But luckily I'm in the same class for most classes with my asasi friends for this semester, although they are taking Business Maths, so I am not that alone hahah.

This programme equips students with the knowledge necessary to make decision using statistical techniques. Students gain an in-depth understanding of statistical techniques, software technology as well of management in the focused area (transportation, manufacturing, and services industry).

Hopefully I made the right decision for choosing this course. But what is the main reason am I choose this course?

I don't really know.

This is the only course that I think I am capable and suits my personality  (although I hate add maths during school hahah). I'm not sure. I just can't imagine myself taking accounting, finance, business management, human resource or law related courses.

I hope I made the right decision. Just, pray for me okay?

p/s: I got 14/30 for my Calculus I quiz oh wow tak sampai separuh pun. I don't like differentiation and integration since school erh. But I do like statistics. Or that is what I think, at least.


  1. Insyallah you can do it. Fighting!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Mimin and do pray for my upcoming finals!

  3. Wow! Your days are basically filled with classes lol.

    Good luck btw!

  4. i lvoe statistics too... and im not so good in calculus..T_T

    1. Unfortunately I need to face calculus for a few semesters more :')

  5. Classes and assignments, priorities wont leave us alone but hi there fellow UUM student!


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