Because Diwali = Midsem Break


Happy Diwali everyone! How is your holiday?

Kakak, tengok kejap hotel dekat-dekat Sogo untuk 17hb.

And I was like, whaaaattt? Seriously tomorrow?

I booked a hotel near Sogo at, so that we (read: my mum) can easily walk to Sogo.

She wanted to stay at a hotel for a night because of the fireworks (I prefer calling them bombs, they sound like bombs) in the neighbourhood. Although I know that is only an excuse to go shopping lol.

Kuala Lumpur

Turned out my mum was only window shopping and it was me who was shopping hahah. I bought two blouses, seluar tidur and a bed sheet (because I don't want to use school bed sheet anymore).

I also got myself my favourite lemon cheese cream oyaki from The Loaf Sogo KL.

The oyaki I ate last time was much fluffier and tastier than this one :(

It has been a long time since I ate this. Buy 3 free 1, so I took another oyaki, green tea oyaki. The green tea oyaki tasted really like pure green tea (not sweet and no milk). Felt like eating green tea leaves.

Guess I am not really a fan of green tea. I can only accept sweetened green tea milk.

Also had a stroll along Jalan Masjid India because our hotel is on the same road.

Masjid India

Genting Highlands

After checking out we went straight away to Genting Highlands! Went there just to ride on the Awana Skyway cable car.

There are two types of cable car (if I am not mistaken) which are: the normal type: RM 8 per person, and the glass-floor: RM 50 per person. Huge difference there.

Going up!

At Chin Swee Station (2nd station), you can stop here and walk to Chin Swee Caves Temple. I assume it is a tourist attraction. We didn't go there haha. Just wanted to enjoy my journey on the gondola.

There were nothing much up there. Just a complex of outlets and game arcades. But still, it was fun spending the holiday with family.

So this was my Diwali. I mean, my midsem holiday. How do you guys celebrate your Diwali?

p/s: Do pray for my schoolmate (we were in the same class in lower form), who involved in an accident few days ago.


  1. Jalan-jalan yang dirancang last minit usually the best! Me in sabah due to the storm, berkurung dirumah jer la time deepavali. haha

  2. Replies
    1. Sedapp, tapi masa first time makan dulu lagi sedap :(


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