Sem Break Bloglist Winners!


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So my very first bloglist segment has ended. Thank you to all of you for supporting this little segment. I followed back all your blogs! It was an honour to have you in my bloglist although this was my very first segment. So I decided to put all blogs in Sem Break Bloglist.

Jeng jeng jeng!

🍦 Auni Liyana

🍦 Nurin Anis Qistina

🍦 Sayidah Napisah

🍦 Mia Liana

🍦 Syah Banu

🍦 Siti Filzahtul

🍦 Zafirah Nazri

🍦 Zafirah Aidah

🍦 Naseha Aika

Thanks again for supporting this segment. You guys are awesome!

🎧 Warkah Sang Penglipur by GEMAWAN (KISAS gamelan group)

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