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Guess what? I passed my JPJ test yesterday!

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After all these money (especially because I add more learning hours, RM 35 per hour) and time and energy spent and finally I can get my P licence. Only after failing one time. Yeah, I took the test again yesterday, but this time, I passed.

I had been learning to drive at the driving school since last year, after my SPM. But I enrolled in the university before I confirmed my test date. Duh. So after the asasi, I had to do the QTI again then only I can sit for the test.

I already passed my Bahagian III test which is the jalan raya part where you drive on the road with the other lorries and cars (the road here is so busy and big lorries are literally everywhere!) the other day. Yesterday I retake the Bahagian II test where you drive the selekoh and parking and the bukit, the part I failed before.

Failed? Haha so here is the story,

My driving teacher taught me, at the mendaki bukit test (well, you know, ensure the tires are stopped on the yellow line so on) I should do like these:

- stop when the side mirror is paralleled to the pole
- brake, free gear and pull the handbrake
- honk and raise your hand angkat tangan MELETOP
- gear 1
- press the throttle until the tachometer shows 2.5
- release the clutch slowly, until 1.5
- throttle again, 3.0
- legs stay at the position. release handbrake and off you go!

During my first time test, I forgot the most important step. With that, when I released the clutch, nothing happened to the needle. It supposed to slowly drop from 2.5 to 1.5, but nothing happened. It stayed at 2.5 even when the clutch was fully released. The tyres already stopped perfectly on the yellow line that the JPJ officer approved when I raised my hand.

Eh apesal ni?

So I fully pressed the clutch again, and try to release it slowly. And again, it still did not drop to 1.5. Ke memang kereta ni macam ni? (usually I drive Kancil during practices. but no Kancil during the test. we use Viva and Axia during the test so I thought kereta ni memang macam ni kut)

Ah whatever. I proceeded to the next step. So I released the handbrake and wiuuuu~~~

... lalu kereta tersebutt meluncur menuruni bukit. Tapi ke belakang, bukan ke depan.

That was the moment I failed.

Deym susah payah aku daki bukit dan berhenti dengan sempurna, tapi itu semua sia-sia. I tried to remember why the hell nothing happened to the tachometer needle after I released the clutch?!

Actually... actually...

I did not put the car in gear 1 after honking. Yeah I forgot the fourth step. Tak masuk gear lepastu beria tekan minyak angkat clutch bagai hahah.


But no worries! I passed this test yesterday. Walaupun dengan selamba badaknya aku tarik handbrake dan hon dan angkat tangan tanpa free gear dan dengan kaki yang terketar-ketar kahkah. However my two other friends did not passed, so that was the last day I met them. One is Kak Nasha and the other I forgot to ask her name even though we had been learning driving together for many days and weeks haha.

passed my driving test at last

So, bye bye Rakan Ehsan Driving Academy.

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  1. hahaha pengalaman manis kan time jpj test ni. airah pun macam2 benda jadi time test

  2. Tahniahhh :) Saya lambat lagi nak test jpj T.T

  3. Yeayy im happy for you! Kita ni tah bila nak ambik lesen huhu :')

  4. hilarious. haha. anyways, congrats dear.

  5. The freedom dapat P tu like YEAHHHHHHHHHHH. I took the exam twice too and fail kat jalan raya sebab tak perasan ada abam moto menyelit kat kiri. rasa geram pulak tak rapat kiri je the whole wayy.

    // Sambil tu jemput join contest saya jugak - just click

    1. ahaha sakitnyaa hati fail sebab gangguan orang lain

  6. Congratulations! Be careful on the road and don't be a reckless driver.
    We had enough of them already haha :(

  7. Wah, sukanya! Alhamdulillah.

    Jemput join ye chocolate giveway ni di

  8. Hahaha finally! Congratulations Farah you did it! :*

  9. Tahniah.. mama dulu Bab Bukit pun lemah gak

  10. jmput la join and meriahkan segmen GA kt sini

  11. no more but no bad.... cngrat ~

  12. anis pun fail bukit T_T terpaksa ulang lagi sekali

    1. Time latihan pass je, time nak test la baru sibuk nak fail hmm.

  13. Tahniah.. berhati2 di jalan raya :)''

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    Harap sudi join segmen ejulz kalau belum join :)
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  14. Tahniah! ^^ haha test JPJ adalah salah satu pengalaman yang sentiasa perlu kita ingat. sebab sekali seumur hidup wakaka takmaw amek gi *.*


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