Pulau Langkawi Escape: Day 2


🍦 2nd Day

And it's time to get ourselves tanned!

Island Hopping
*tudung terbang terbang*
Island hopping came with our homestay package. The boat driver firstly took us to Pulau Singa Besar for eagle feeding activity. Unfortunately, Pulau Singa Besar was closed for maintenance I think forever. But still, he stopped a while at the island to watch the eagles. There were so many eagles flying up high!
Spot the eagles please!
Then, he took us to another island, Pulau Beras Basah where we can enjoy ourselves with the sea water! Finally I got to have a swim. He gave us an hour to enjoy ourselves.
Tanning ourselves. I forgot to bring my sunblock haha. Guess which one is my slippers.
We had so much fun splashing into the water that I never remembered  that I didn't apply sunblock at all. I also got to learn how to let myself float on the water. I almost did it! But the sea water tickled my ears haha.
Yay main air!
We also met a Muslim foreigner family. They were here for a vacation. They were in Kedah for a few days. I forgot her name, but she was so pretty that we thought she was in her early twenties! We had a chat with her and her family and even had a photo with them. She said our English was good lol!

Then, the boat driver fetch us and brought us to Tasik Dayang Bunting. He was quite shy actually. He didn't speak and explain much. Don't worry, we helped him out. We asked him a lot of questions about the islands and everything we saw 😂. We were so happening on the boat. We even waved excitedly at the other boats lol! Some of them waved at us back, so takdelah rasa malu sangat!
Can you see the dayang bunting behind there, tengah baring?
Dayang Bunting Marble Geoforest Park RM 3

Tasik Dayang Bunting is inside there. There were some monkeys along the trail, so don't show off your food and drinks, or they'll snatch them from you.
Bahagia dia dapat makanan 🐒
There are lots of activities you can do here, such as kayaking and swan boat riding. But, you need to buy the tickets before entering the lake. There were even stalls selling food at the entrance.
Beautiful, isn't it?
As for me, I dipped myself into the pool. Sambil main air tu, boleh la bilas baju kitaorang yang penuh dengan pasir dan air laut masa kat Pulau Beras Basah tadi.

After that, we went back to our homestay. We were so tired of playing in the water.

Pantai Pasir Hitam

The sand is black, literally. Nothing much here, just enjoying the view.
Black sand
Why does the sand black?? Read this:
There is another version: The sea kingdom and the land kingdom were fighting. However, the land kingdom was powerful. So, the land kingdom put up a strategy. They burnt as many firewood as they can to scare the land kingdom. The people of the sea kingdom were scared because they thought there were so many fighters of the land kingdom. The sands were said to be burnt along with the firewood, which caused the sand black.

Pantai Tanjung Rhu

The view here was nice! We just went here for a short stroll. We did nothing much here because we wanted to go to Pantai Cenang! There are a few stalls selling merchandises and hats.
Breathtaking isn't it?
I didn't take many photos in Pantai Tanjung Rhu. Guess I enjoyed the scenery so much haha.
Shoes and foot prints
Even the sand was beautiful! The trees along the beach were also pretty.

Pantai Cenang

We're going to ride a banana boat yay!  Tak ingat pulak berapa harga dia.
I hope you can see that boat haha.
He took us for a round ride and as he approached the beach again, he gave us a signal and let us fall from the boat!

We enjoyed the ride so much, of course! Rasa macam nak naik lagi tapi tu la duit hmm.

Haji Ismail Group

Later that night, we went to Haji Ismail Group, where chocolates are sold at a lower price than in other places. Buying chocolates is a must when you go to Langkawi.
Some of the chocolates I bought
I spent about RM 100 just for chocolates 😂. I mean, why not? A Ritter Sport at the chocolate shop in Varsity Mall is RM 8 something and here, it's just RM 5.90!

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  1. i thought we went to Beras Basah first right? after that baru Pulau Singa Besar? I can't remember. Hmm. And it was not close for maintenance, it was close forever. Hahahaha

    1. Bukan tengok helang dulu baru mandi ke hmm? Oh really haha I'll edit later.

  2. seronoknya bercuti sambil buat macam2 xtvt... lama dah tak ke langkawi..

    1. Cuti panjang datang la Langkawi kak!

  3. bestnya bercuti! farah dok sini pun tak pusing2 haha

  4. Maybe helang-helang kat Pulau Singa Besar tu banyak terbang atas pulau tu sebab tunggu makanan kot. Maklumlah, dulu time pulau tu bukak lagi, orang bagi makanan kat diorang kan XD Hhahaha.

  5. Wah besnya, haritu dapat singgah je langkawi


  6. My aunt went there about 3 months ago and totally buys more chocolates when she know we were at her home. She is such a sweetheart! I miss Langkawi!

    // afifahaddnan


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