Pulau Langkawi Escape: Day 1


Final exams are stressful, so the ten of us decided to have an escape to Langkawi during our study week before preparing for our finals hehe. Don't try this at home!

🍦1st Day

We woke up early in the morning that even the sun had not risen yet, for the subuh prayer of course! We went to Kuala Perlis jetty by two kereta sapu (they are normal personal cars actually, but function as taxi. or, rent cars but driven by the car owners).

Kereta sapu RM 10.00 (RM 60 and RM 40 for two cars from UUM to Kuala Perlis jetty). Off to Langkawi!
The ferry is movin'!
 ✅ Ferry RM 36.00 (adult, 2 ways). The scenery to Pulau Langkawi was breathtaking! I took so many photos along the journey hehe. Lucky me to sit beside the window.
The sky was amazing too!
Safia Langkawi Homestay RM 99 per person

We found this package in Facebook, in NEWSEED, UUM students fb group page. The homestay package is for 10 person, for 3 days. The house was comfortable- three rooms with aircond, a small kitchen, a refrigerator, a tv and even a washing machine! But no wifi la.

The package also includes cars rental and island hopping.
Selfie kejap
Our homestay package came with a caravan, but we asked for two cars instead of that one huge caravan. Tak berani nak bawak! They gave us the cars as we arrived (read: lepas duduk melangut tepi pintu jeti sambil makan aiskrim) at Pulau Langkawi jetty.

Then, we straightly headed to Oriental Village 🚗 🚗

Oriental Village (SkyCab + SkyRex + 3D Art Gallery + one more I didn't remember. we didn't enter the last place because it was under maintenance) RM 40.00. We bought the tickets at the Langkawi jetty.


 This is one of the most place you must go when travelling in Langkawi! You don't always have the opportunity to ride on a cable car, do you? It was scary at first sebab gayat sikit hahah! The view along the journey to the next station was truly breathtaking.
Gunung Mat Chinchang
There are three stations altogether including the base station. There is even a cafe and toilet at the middle station. I went to the toilet haha.
View from the middle station

We also took a lot of selfies (of course!). There is also SkyBridge at the top station if you want to try walking on a curved bridge 100 meters above the ground. The ticket is sold at the top station, which means you must ride on the cable car to reach the SkyBridge. Not sure how much the SkyBridge ticket costs.

Going to SkyRex
You can have a ride on a tram to the ancient time to meet the dinosaur community here! Don't believe me? Well, nothing is impossible today.

But, the ride was only for about 5 minutes. WE WANT MORE!!

3D Art Gallery
A must-go for you who loves art and photography. And the photogenics, which is definitely not me! I spent most of my time taking photos of my friends.
Zatut (yang tak reti duk diam) and the turtle
We let our creativity unleashed by posing with the arts. Little kids also had fun in the gallery.
Senyum la siket hahah
After a few hours in Oriental Village, we split into two groups- one group will be going to Underwater World and the other to SkyTrex.

SkyTrex RM 60.00 for extreme level. Ticket was also purchased at the Langkawi jetty, which is quite cheaper than walk-in.

SkyTrex is near the Oriental Village. There are 3 different levels for SkyTrex. We chose to try the extreme level. Well, not me, my friends actually. I preferred the medium level one, but I didn't want to split from the others of course! I never tried extreme activity like this before.

Last admission to SkyTrex is at 3 pm if I not mistaken, because you may take up to 3 hours to complete the extreme trek. Don't worry, they'll teach you how to use the gears and have a practice before the trek.

What I can say about the SkyTrex extreme level is IT WAS FREAKING EXHAUSTING! You really need to use all your muscles to climb up the tree trunks, to slide down the flying fox especially when you want to land at the end, and during walking on the bridge. It's not an ordinary bridge! The bridge platform is X shape, and it keeps goyang-goyang when you step your feet on it. You need to hold the ropes beside and step your feet to the next X, until the end of the bridge.
This is the easiest bridge. Trust me, it gets harder at the next checkpoints!
And by the way, for the extreme level, you must be AT LEAST 150 cm tall. Well, I'm ≈148 cm, but they still allowed me. The main reason is, some cables are placed quite high (you need to attach your gears to the cables as safety precaution). I needed to jengket a bit to attach my gears huhu.
Muka lega lepas habis SkyTrex
By the way, I didn't complete the trek, but almost finished to the end actually. Climbing up the tree trunks really consumed my energy so much! My hands are not that strong (angkat lontar peluru pun tangan aku tak stabil. sebab tu aku tak pernah masuk acara lontar peluru). So, I gave up earlier. My arms almost cramped and I didn't think I can hold the ropes and stairs anymore. Better to give up before my arms got cramped.

🍦 Day 2

4 thoughts

  1. i mesti anis tak boleh masuk skytrex tu sebab tinggin 145 ja T_T

    1. kalau yang extreme kena lebih 150 cm. kalau kategori lain tak sure la pulak Anis

  2. Alaaa tak pernah pergi SkyTrex tu, macam menarik...

    1. best! tapi untuk orang macam saya tak sesuai kut yang extreme. tak larat!


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