F's Bbq


Our last activity together, before asasi ends. We had a barbecue after our General Studies paper, although we still have another paper to go hahah.

Started our barbecue at 2 pm. But we took almost an hour just to set up the fire for barbecue! I spent the whole hour watching them hehe. Alah buat kat belakang blok B je.

gigih mengipas

I can't wait to eat! I'm starving you know. I didn't have my breakfast and lunch. But then, it started to rain drizzly, so we had to move under the shed.

Smells so good!

Meanwhile at the other side, some of us were slicing the watermelon.


As for me, well, I helped by taking their candid photos, and putting some watermelon slices into my mouth! Eh ingat senang ke nak tengok aku makan buah?

After enjoying our meal, we had a tukar hadiah session. Gift exchange is it? Suka hati aku je haha. Balqis got my name and she gave me a necklace. It was so beautiful! But I didn't wear it yet until now because it has been a long time since the last time I wore one. I don't really like wearing necklace actually.

Meanwhile, I got Nabil's name. I just bought him a small botttle of perfume that I bought at the carnival. Nurin helped me out to pick the perfume. I'm not good with men's perfume. It was only RM 10, so I bought a bottle for myself too hehe. Well, I hope he likes it.

the F Family 🐙
One big happy family. May our friendship lasts forever. I'll always miss you guys.

Oh by the way, Nabil said (in his instastory) he loved that perfume haha. Kebetulan jugak, perfume dia dah habis. Berguna sungguh hadiah aku tu ye.


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