Dinner: The end


Asasi Pengurusan 2016/2017 officially ended with our annual dinner at TH Hotel, Alor Star.

aku tak ikut tema haha lantak pi la

I can't believe I survived the whole year in asasi. Facing new subjects, no more A+s (except Introduction to Nation Building) and being far away from home, and finally, I made it to the end.

Nurin and Fana

I'm grateful to always have positive people around me. Surrounded by friendly and intelligent friends, which really helps me to survive here. Especially Nurin who sits beside me since the first semester till the end of semester 3. Well, I have one habit, I question almost everything during classes, but too shy to have the answers from the lecturers hehe. So I asked Nurin everything. She helps me out a lot in class (especially Basic Economics class huhu). Aku yang tak pernah tidur dalam kelas ni bukannya faham sangat lecturer ajar apa.

And Farhana (or Fana), my deskmate for semester 3. She's cheerful and sangat mudah terhibur! At first it was quite awkward to have a chat with her sebab jarang sembang dengan dia, but then I slowly began to know her and it was fun to be friend with her actually! Shout "Farhanah(h)" and both of us will respond to you haahahah!

Datin and Zatul

A friend in need is a friend indeed.

These are some of my closest friends whom I seek for help whenever I need. Of course, it's uncomfortable to ask some random not-so-close friends for their help. So, these are my prey haha. And, their rooms are where I will go whenever I'm bored. Will always miss Haida's (nicknamed Datin) babbles and Zatul's (sometimes I call her Zatut) company to the cafe. Well, we're always hungry. Lepas ni mungkin susah nak jumpa dah. Datin nak sambung International Business. Zatut for sure la accounting. Antara sifu akaun kut. Aku satu group assignment akaun semester 2 dengan dia, tapi dia dapat A solid, aku dapat B solid. Nampak tak nampak tak?

Aku ni ha tak tau la nak sambung apa, tapi maybe one of courses in SQS. But I'm still unsure.

And to my roommate, Irfiza, thanks for being my roommate. Terima kasih sebab sanggup menghadap aku tiap hari, dan katil meja aku yang selalu sepah tu 😂. Oh I didn't have a proper photo with her.

I'll definitely miss you guys. Forget me not!


  1. hey gurl I also want to say thank you for having me through this whole 3 semester. I love you! And I have something for you check it out!



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