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Almost finish my asasi. A major throwback won't hurt right?


I was called for the interview! The interview session is divided to two, one in UUM Sintok itself, and the other at UUM Kuala Lumpur. For those who live in central and southern region like me, the interview is held at UUM Kuala Lumpur.
maaf huduh, my very first try hehe
What is Program Asasi Pengurusan?
It is the only asasi programme in UUM. This asasi leavers can further their studies in various programmes only in UUM mostly in management, business, accounting, human resource etc. UUM is a management university, so don't expect science courses (like medic, pharmacy, dentistry etc) here okay? There are lots of programmes to choose for your degree, more than 40 if I'm not mistaken.

This programme was established in 2014, with the first batch, Asasi 2014/2015 of 50+- students only.

How to apply for this programme?
Through UPU, obviously. If you notice, there are several courses in UPU labelled with a #, which means that there will be an interview session, and not based on your academic qualification semata-mata. Program Asasi Pengurusan UUM is one of them.

How was your interview?
After registration, I was given a number. 48. What number? Orang Melayu panggil nombor giliran, tak tahu la omputih panggil apa (padahal tak tahu nombor giliran in English apa KAHKAH). Interview was at the 4th floor.

We were put into a waiting room. Spent my time filling the forms. Then, the akak called us in tens.

"41 sampai 50!'

Then we sat at the chairs outside of the interview room. The akak asked for our files to have a look at our certificates. We were so quiet that time, and that akak asked us to have a chat with the other candidates haha.

"Mana la tahu orang sebelah awak tu nanti jadi roommate awak ke, classmate awak ke."

Betul gak en? So, I started to talk with them haha.

Oh, actually that akak was Kak Amal from the Asasi office.
A friend of mine from a camp took this photo of me
There was four panels; EMPAT-EMPAT TU LELAKI dan pangkat profesor! Yang aku ingat time tu ada Prof Mat Zahir. Yang lain tu tak ingat haha.

Yang nak diinterview sangat ramai, dekat 300 jugak la. Sebab tu diaorang interview 10 orang terus. Nak jimat masa. The interviewers asked us to introduce ourselves, and explain a bit about our co-curriculum activities in school. Since they asked me in Malay, so I just answered in Malay.

That's all?


But, they really like to interrupt you with many questions.  I didn't explain about my co-curriculum activities at all because they asked questions before I can even finish introducing myself.

"Eh kamu dah dapat matriks, buat apa nak masuk sini?"

Tak silap aku, aku jawab yang matriks yang aku dapat tu aliran sains. Aku pilih UUM sebab nak amik accounting lah kononnya.

"2nd option kamu UIA. Saya hantar kamu masuk UIA jelah boleh?"

Provocative af. Tak sudi ke nak amik aku masuk UUM kahkah. Aku tak ingat aku jawab apa. Yang penting jangan gelabah, tu je. Just relax, because it was just like a sembang-sembang session (but still, mind your attitude and be formal la). They just want to see your confidence (maybe hahah).

Think about, they just want to know about yourself more.

For our batch, they only accept 200 students only. The batch before was only 150 students.


That's all. I didn't take any photos that day. Terlalu fokus untuk interview kahkah. If you are having Asasi UUM interview, I wish you all the best!!

🎧 Clean Bandit- Dust Clears ft Noonie Bao

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  1. Nombor giliran is index number if i'm not mistaken haha. Yeah, interview session is like a sembang-sembang session at kedai kopi. Keep calm and answer all the questions confidently :)

  2. Good tips for SPM leavers who want to enroll in this course. Maybe I should do mine for Mara interview *kalau rajin lol


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