A Day With These Kids


To fulfill our VKMB1011 Community Development subject requirement, we decided to have a motivational programme for the Year 6 students of SK Binjal. Well, Binjal is beside Asun, which is just a few km from UUM.

In addition, Syafiq (our classmate)'s mom is a teacher there, and Syafiq is from Asun, so it would be easier if we just have this programme at SK Binjal.

I am in charge in gifts part. Since we need 3 facilitators for a group, so nama aku pun kena tarik jadi fasi jugak hewhew. Aku mana reti nak main-main dengan budak-budak. Segan.

We arrived at SK Binjal at 8.30 am. We were supposed arrive at 8 am, but the driver went to a petrol station. Lama la jugak sebab pakcik tu isi minyak sampai RM 500 kut.
he took so long that we took so many selfies

The students were divided into several groups. Wawa, Sab, Syafiq and I were assigned for group 7.
That smallest girl is Aliya. The boys are Mukhriz, Izzat and Safwan

Even the two girls whom I didn't remember their names (sorry) were taller than me duh. The Year 6 students were only 40++, while the facilitators were 31 students. Jadi bilangan fasi dengan pelajar dalam satu group tu lebih kurang je la. After group distribution, we had a senamrobik.

The girls were quite quiet. I needed to start the conversation with them (padahal aku pun boleh tahan pendiam jugak) haha. Since Syafiq talked to the boys, and Wawa and Sab talked to each other, so I tried to talk to the girls. Acah peramah la kejap. They spoke too soft hehe, sebab tu aku tak ingat nama diaorang. But still, they were very sporting and fun!

"Eh kenapa Farhanah bising semacam harini? Biasa senyap je haha!"- Wawa

Notice my effort senpai.

We also played many other games like Radio Rosak, dodgeball, building the strongest and highest tower from straws, and explorace. Eating and praying together too.

The most interesting activity was the explorace! Budak-budak tu semangat sungguh berlari dari checkpoint ke checkpoint. Fasi pun terpaksa la lari jugak sebab aku pun tak tahu checkpoint kat mana haha.

Throughout the games, we managed to have a relationship among the facilitators and the SK Binjal students. The whole day was not enough for us.
the whole squad

We really enjoyed our time there. Being with the kids exposed our inner childish self too haha! It was nice to get along with the kids.

fasilitator paling semangat (but this one is the most proper photo)
Then we went back to the campus.

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  1. huhu, ada yang lagi tinggi, :)

    1. Budak-budak sekarang besar-besar huhu. Ke saya yang kecik sangat hmm..

  2. Buat aktiviti mcm ni masa zaman uni sgt sgt best...

    1. Betul! Tak sabar nak buat program macam ni lagi lain kali.

  3. "Lama la jugak sebab pakcik tu isi minyak sampai RM 500 kut." yang ni sumpah lawak ahhahaha.. I used to be in this situation too, always. Tapi sabar je la, tidur je mampu hahaha

  4. Ingat zaman2 belajar dulu..kenangan betul..menggamit memori..

    1. Paling seronok bila buat dengan kawan-kawan kan?


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