Go-kart and Kayak


We didn't have any classes last Thursday, so most of my friends already left the campus on Wednesday evening. Unfortunately, my bus is on Thursday. Never thought that madam will cancel our class on Thursday.

So... , since we didn't have any classes that evening, we decided to try the go-kart and kayak!
The go-kart circuit is beside the main road heading towards Dewan Muadzam Shah.

The go-kart is quite small and cute, just right for a single person to drive. My friend told driving a go kart is as easy as driving a car.

Alah senang je, macam bawak kereta.

That's the problem, I haven't drive for one year. Lesen L tu pun bila entah nak renew. Moving the go-kart at first I was nervous. What if I drive too fast and terbabas?

how-to-ride-on-go-kart-correctly demonstration

Tapi bila dah dua lap tu seronok la pulak hahah. Careful not to touch the engine while driving okay?

Yeah it's not that hard. Just straighten you legs and press the pedal, and turn the steering. That's all. By the way if you're cute shorties like me, don't worry. They give you a cushion for you at the seat. Like me, I need the cushion or my feet won't reach the pedal.


Husna beria suruh aku dengan Zatul main tapi dia taknak main pun. Husna just spent her time taking our photos. These photos were taken by Husna.

Go-kart: RM 5 for 5 laps, 10 minutes. Don't forget your matric card.

Tapi kitaorang main tak sampai 10 minit pun sebenarnya haha. After that, we walked to the lake behind DPP Sime Darby - Tasik Guthrie.

Kayak: RM 0, but you need to bring matric card.


There are two types of kayak - single and for two. This was our first time kayaking so of course we choose the kayak for two person. But you need to carry the kayak from the storage to the jetty by yourself.


Taking a selfie together. There were two random boys behind us wanted to join the selfie 😅. We rowed until the other side of the lake.

rowing away

Then we had our dinner at DPP Petronas' cafe - known for its yummy tomyam. Petronas' maggi tomyam is my favourite. I had a great evening!


  1. matjo tak pernah lagi ada peluang nak bermain go-kart :)

  2. Last main go kart masa sekolah menengah dulu,hahaha. Kena pi lagi ni kot2 skill dah hilang, pasai dulu juara (nasib) kekekeke.

  3. Fuyyohh ber go kart tu.. bestnyee... bila la nak merasa.. hiks..

    1. Datang la sini hehe nanti kita boleh main sama-sama

  4. nak try juga go kart tu, kayak dah pernah XD

  5. Wow! Bestnya... Tapi sy tak suka go-kart, sy suka kayak jer.. Hehehe

  6. Kak. Saya asasi batch 4. Can i have ur number ws?


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