Just A Bad Morning


It is our semester break until 18 Feb, but I needed to come back earlier as I have MUET speaking test today. So that's why I took a flight yesterday.

For the speaking test, it went well I guess. It was not that hard tho. I always thought that speaking test will kill me. Hoping for band 5. Or, band 4 at least.

Okay, enough with the speaking test. Actually this morning, several bad things happened to me. Am I cursed?

🍦 My room keys,,
My test is on the first session, so we must be at the examination room at 730 am. Before the examination, I went to the toilet.

Then of course I flushed the toilet. And guess what?? My room keys dropped from my slacks pocket as I pull the flush handle!! And I was speechless watching my keys being washed away into the toilet bowl by the water.

How I want to enter my room then? My roommate is at home. Her speaking test was yesterday, so she went straight home after the test for the semester break is not over yet.


🍦 Oh my IC
Usually I put my IC in my purse. So I just took the purse with me to the test. In the quarantine room just before the test started, then only I realised that I forgot to bring my IC!!
I totally forgot that I put my IC in the bag, together with yesterday's boarding pass!

Since it was only less than 5 minutes before the test starts, walking back to my room for the IC is impossible. Lagipun kunci bilik dah jatuh dalam lubang jamban tadi 😔.

So I decided to tell the examiner that I didn't bring my IC. Luckily they allow me to only bring my matrix card. Hah what a relief!

🍦 Time ni la pen aku sibuk nak habis dakwat
During the speaking test, we can bring a pen. So I brought my pen to the exam for jotting down the other candidates' points for task B. As I was writing out my points, my pen ran out of ink!

Dengan selambanya I asked the examiner beside me to borrow her pen because she had three pen on her table, just before candidate A presents his point. I'm candidate C. I'm saved fuh.

After the test, I went straight to the office hoping that they have a spare key. However, I need to pay RM 10 for the new key.
New key
Alhamdulillah boleh la jugak masuk bilik. What a day! But I'm really relieved that I finished my speaking test already.

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  1. What a day. It's okay sometimes we need a little bit of storm to see the rainbow. Good luck for MUET.

    1. Thanks. I wonder what kind of "rainbow" it is haha.

  2. Wow what a day! It's good that you didn't went panic. I'll be totally nervous and shizz if I were you.

    p/s: my friend's phone ALWAYS go down the toilet bowl! haha

    1. Panic doesn't solve anything hehe. And, your friend's phone always go down the toilet bowl, like seriously??

  3. Serious lah? haahhahaaa. sorry didn't mean to laugh at you but great job there. kalau ai ya ampunn mau menangis situu jugak hahahhaa =D

  4. Be strong sister. I feel you ahhahahahahaha

  5. Good luck test!

    next time check betul-betul semua barang dah bawak ke belum


  6. Luckily you managed to handle each and every situation Farhanah Afiqah.. 😊

  7. dah lupa dah situasi exam MUET dulu, dah lama 😂 time form 6

  8. Omg... what a bad day... cian dia.. apapun berjaya juga handle kan.. goodjob!

  9. Alhamdulillah semua problem dapat solve juga harini.


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