First Cup of Starbucks


Abah dropped me at KLIA 2 at 8 am. Padahal flight pukul 12 tengah hari 😅. I go back to the university with my friend, Nurin. However, since it is a long wait before the gate opens, and Nurin obviously have not arrived yet, so I decided to have a rest sit for a while at Starbucks.

Erm, I've never been to Starbucks before actually and it's kinda awkward to sit there and do nothing. Luckily I have two ketul doughnuts, so I eat them while waiting for Nurin. And, play with my phone.

I'm getting really bored! So I go to the counter and buy myself a drink. At last.
Dalam resit dia tulis Chocolate Cream Chip Frapp
Me: perhati pelbagai jenis minuman-yang-namanya-payah-nak-disebut yang ada
Akak tu: Ye nak apa?
Me: Akak, nak yang frappucino tu 😶.
Akak tu: Nak frappucino apa?

Frappucino apa apa? 👀

Me: Terkebil-kebil kejap. Ada apa je? 😅
Akak tu: Ada bla bla apentah la. Apa kata try salted apentah nama dia. Yang ni ramai customer suka, even foreigner pun suka.

Masalahnya harga dia kemain 😅😅

Me: Takpelah nak frappucino je hehe.
Akak tu: Apa kata try frappucino chocolate cream chips? Betul ke tu nama dia hahah.
Me: Erm, boleh la 💁

Me: Whatsapping beside the counter.
Akak tu: Ambil kat kaunter situ ye :)

Haha okay.

The frappucino is RM 19.60. I can afford teh O ais for 19 days of lunch, with 60 sen change! Memang setahun sekali je la kau minum benda ni 😂.

Luckily that akak is so friendly, and she suggested the drink for me. Takde la rasa segan sangat nak order for the first time tu kan haha.

Then I enjoy my drink happily! Although it is quite expensive untuk orang macam aku ni haha it really worth! The frappucino is full of chocolate and is delicious 😋.

At least I have an experience at Starbucks today.

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  1. perghhhhhh hahaha memang cari nahas ni beli starbucks. syed pun akan pergi situ kalau ada offer buy one free one. Tak pun ada 50% less. hehehe.

    1. Haha ni pun 1st time beli. Tak expect pun semahal tu hahah!

  2. hahaa, mesti comel je kan farhana waktu dia tanya nak frappucino ape tu kan. hikk. fie pun pernah sekali je beli, and rasenye ini jugak yang fie beli time tu. hahaa. sebab google dulu and nampak ini macam sodappp je hahaa. tapi time tu harga dia rm18 something. dahlah fie belanje kawan lagi 2 orang sebab dorang bawak fie jalan. hahaa, habis jugak rm50 kat situ je! >_<

    now fie tak pernah beli dah hahaaa. sebab terasa benauu mahal dia. lagipun sekarang dah banyak ice blend yg setanding dengan starbuck ni, dan lebih murah! huhuu ^^

    1. Seriously Fie belanja 2 orang? Untungnya diorang hahah!

  3. I love choc cream chip too and I must drink it at least once a month or I'll go crazy for craving it. haha #sayingoodbyetomymoney

    1. It's totally delicious and worth the money I think


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