Asasi Pengurusan: Semester 3, The End


Semester 3 - it's a short semester unlike the two semesters before. Only 7 lecture weeks, so surely the weeks will be packed with lectures and assignments.

My roommate already got their assignment on the first day. Nampak dah sem ni macam mana.

For this semester we only take 4 courses:

1. AD0043 Critical Thinking
This is an introductory course for critical thinking and creative thinking focusing on their definitions, characteristics, concepts and their differences. Students are also introduced with common fallacies in critical and creative thinking.

2. AD0063 General Studies (replacing AD0053 Philosophy of Knowledge taken by previous batches)
A course that introduces students to the concept of sovereign state, its constitution and governance, Malaysia's development and prosperity and their key elements, and the foreign relations of Malaysia.

3. AL0033 English for Advanced Learners
The first few weeks we focused for our MUET. After that, we proceed with the assignment and courseworks.

4. VKMB1011 Community Development
For this course, we need to organise and handle a project. For our class, we had a programme with students from SK Binjai.

[courses syllabus and my experience]

Being in semester 3 means we only have 7 weeks to spend together before pursuing our studies in different fields (although most want to study accounting) and living in different DPPs.

By the way, last day class was the best! We're definitely going to miss them. We had some makan-makan and some last words from our lecturers. Last day of semester 3 was a no lecture day hahah.

Thank you Dr Azlah, our General Studies lecturer for the food, drinks and cake!

Also had minum-minum with Dr Rafidah, our Critical Thinking and Philosophy lecturer.

Can't believe I survived my asasi.


  1. wow!! never kenw about foundation in management!!
    good luck for your semester..

  2. All the best for the new semester! Hopefully, everything will be doing jusstttt fine till the end okay! Fighting! 😘


  3. sis happy bila farah suka ngan watermark tu... hmm.. nnti ada masa sis buat tutorial cara pasang cursor ye.. goodluck!! all the best

  4. All the best final sem foundation heheheh... May the force be with you :)

  5. Sekarang akak sambung belajar apa?


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