Asasi Pengurusan: Semester 2, Halfway


It has been a hectic week for this second semester of Asasi Pengurusan- group assignments, presentations, mid term exams. That explain why I seldom visit my blog or update anything. Tiup habuk.

And, writer's block.

Hahah writer's block la sangat. Padahal malas nak menaip.
Classmates. Ni masa Asasi Family Day. Aku takdak. Balik kampung.
So, for semester 2, we take 7 subjects again.

🍦 AA0023 Management Accounting
Management accounting, and focus more on costings.

🍦 AD0033 Introduction to Philosophy
Literally, philosophy is "the love of wisdom". What I can say is that, it looks like science in one aspect. But, science studies about physical things, while philosophy discusses about abstract things like, "does God exists?" or "how do you know an action is ethical or not?" etc.

This subject is very interesting for me, although it is quite complicated- contrary to my nature: a simple person. That's why I only got B+ for this subject.

🍦 AE0013 Basic Economics
We learn a bit about both microeconomics like demand and supply, utility and macroeconomics like CPI, fiscal policy, monetary policy etc.

🍦 AI0023 Introduction to Computer Applications
Still with the same lecturer who taught us Intro to ICT in semester 1 which is Dr Fazilah. However, for this semester, this subject is more to practical lessons using MS Excel, MS Word, MS Power Point, MS Project and MS Access.

🍦 AL0022 English for Conversation
Still in the same class and lecturer. Practise for MUET more.

🍦 AQ0023  Fundamental Mathematics 2
Fundamental Mathematics 2 is only about statistics. Yay!

🍦 AU0013 Introduction to Law
We learn about the history of laws in Malaysia, about the courts available in Malaysia etc.

Kemain subjek dia. Semua pelik-pelik. Semester 2 is quite a tough semester.

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