Asasi Pengurusan: Semester 2, Halfway


It has been a hectic week for this second semester of Asasi Pengurusan - group assignments, presentations, mid term exams. And I'm too lazy to update more about my asasi life hahah sorry.

I'm starting to love my friends and classmates by now because I can see their smiling faces everyday. I'm really grateful to learn in class rather than in big halls where classmates for every subjects are not the same.

Taken during asasi family day. No need to find me, I'm not in the photo.

Well, making new friends isn't that hard after all.

For semester 2, we take another 7 courses:

1. AA0023 Management Accounting
For this semester we focus on management accounting - the theories, statements and so on. I'm not sure which part of Prinsip Perakaunan is this because I didn't take accounting subjects during school.

2. AD0033 Introduction to Philosophy
This course exposes students to the basics of general philosophy, the basic concepts and theoretical frameworks of philosophy as a discipline, and discern the various models of the Islamic, Western and Eastern philosophical callings.

3. AE0013 Basic Economics
Students will be introduced to the basics of economics. Topics covered includes supply and demand, market equilibrium, consumer choice, production and costs, market structure, national income accounting, AD-AS model, fiscal and monetary policy. Focus will be on the understanding of concepts used in economics.

4. AI0023 Introduction to Computer Applications
This is an introductory course targetting to create awareness on various popular computer applications used in organisations - database management, project management. We learn in detail how to use MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project and Access.

5. AL0022 English for Conversation
Learning grammars and stuffs. We do many exercises for the upcoming MUET. We asasi students take MUET in March in UUM itself, so no need to worry. Pusat Asasi helps the students with the MUET registration and practices, it really helps us a lot.

6. AQ0023 Fundamental Mathematics 2
Accurately: statistics. The course introduces the role of statistics in the everyday lives. Focuses on the area of descriptive statistics particularly on the techniques of data representation, measuring central tendency, and measuring variability. The course also deals with topics on probability, probability distributions, correlation and simple linear regression.

7. AU0013 Introduction to Law
This course highlights the nature of law in Malaysia. The discussion will includes English Legal system based on Equity, Malaysian Legal System, Sources of law, classification of law and Malaysian’s constitution. The course also will cover the branches of legal profession in Malaysia.

[courses syllabus and my experience]

Just look at these heavy subjects. Pray for me!


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