Why Tracking Number Is Important


I followed @itsteme on Twitter, so my timeline is full with good reviews of his book, Pelukis Jalanan. So I thought of purchasing one for myself 🙆.

Since I'm very lazy to go to Changlun, plus I'm not sure if there is any bookstores there that sell Pelukis Jalanan, so I ordered one online. I hate going to Changlun because I'll need to rent a car, then find someone to drive me there. I don't have a driving license yet..
Pelukis Jalanan
So I ordered from this one igshop sebab dia yang follow aku and made the payment. He said they will post it within 2-3 days.

So I waited and waited ..

And waited and waited ..

And waited and waited, that I already forgot that I ordered the book!

So, last Monday I baru teringat nak contacted the seller, tanya khabar buku tu la. And he said, they already posted the book on 16 September.

What?? Two months already since the book arrived? Seriously? 😂😂😂

Mana la aku tahu buku tu dah lama sampai. Bilik ni mana ada peti surat. Dia pun tak bagi tracking number, jadi aku pun tak teringat nak pergi check kat office 😅.

Kesimpulannya, tracking number tu sangat penting lagi-lagi untuk orang yang tak ada peti surat macam aku ni. In my case, he forgot to give me the tracking number. Aku pun lupa nak mintak 😅.

3 thoughts

  1. lol. next time you should be more careful.
    and please review the book.I've been dying to read it since it was released months ago

  2. Nasib dapat buku tu jugak eventho lambat ambil.

    Yes, Tracking number sangat2 penting, boleh tengok update barang tu.

  3. Selalunya seller ni effective sebab nak jaga customer's satisfaction. So kalau monitor tracking number lagi senang utk customer cek cepat ke lambat diorang proses



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