Asasi Pengurusan: Semester 1, Halfway


Phew what a busy life I'm having since enrolling here. I do read new fresh entries by other bloggers but I can't really blogwalk as frequent as before - putting other priorities on top of the list. ごめん ね〜。

So far I'm still adjusting to the environment here. It's not that bad though despite enrolling here without any friends I know from school. I had fun making new friends (read: classmates) from different backgrounds. Majority of the students here want to pursue their studies in accounting later.


Asasi students' classes are only at Pusat Asasi building. We stay in the same class for every subjects, from morning until evening just like during in school where students stay in the class, and only the lecturers come in and out of the classroom. The best thing is, we'll stay in the same class until the end of semester 3! These classmates are going to be my classmates for the whole year.

Classes starts at 8.30 am and usually until 3.30 pm. We have classes everyday, Sunday to Thursday. It's Kedah y'all! And there's gap between lectures for recess and Zuhur prayer.

Class timetable is provided so you can't arrange your own schedule. Just follow it.


For asasi students, we stay in DPP TNB - block A for boys and B for girls. Actually TNB has five blocks (B-E are girls' blocks). Since we're only less than 200 students, TNB also occupies other undergraduate students. Oh, starting from September 2016 they'll change the name DPP (Dewan Penginapan Pelajar) to INASIS (Inapan Siswa) = INASIS TNB. Personally I prefer DPP because it is much shorter. Two students one room and usually our roommate is also asasi student.

I don't have the photo of our room sorry.
There are 15 INASIS in total. You can read more about it in this akak's post. She's from asasi 2nd batch. You'll get familiar with other Inasis and explore their cafes when you come here.

Going to Class

TNB is near to Pusat Asasi, so we can either walk to class or take a bus. Asasi students are prohibited from bringing their cars or motorcycles. I always walk to class because I don't like to be in the crowd waiting for bus. Asasi academic schedule is different from other undergraduate students, so there are no bus operating when degree students having their semester break. Solution? Just walk!

Walking to class is interesting. The view is beautiful - breathing in the fresh air, walking under the tree shades, crossing the bridge (as in the very first photo), watching the fog on the hill tops. And if you're lucky enough, you can see monkeys swinging from trees to trees. But don't worry. They never disturb me. At least until now.

Taken from the bridge.

Besides, walking to class (with these short legs) only takes around 7-8 minutes. That explains why I only get out from my room at 8.10 am because class starts at 8.30 lol. Or you can walk to COLGIS cafe for breakfast before going to class. Truth: I never go to kafe COLGIS for breakfast haha.


Well, for this semester I'm taking 7 courses, and ALL of them have assignments to be submitted! I know this is going to be hard for me as most of them are group assignments:

1. AA0013 Financial Accounting
We learn from the very basic of accounting, basic financial statements, the accounting cycle and topics related to financial accounting.

2. AD0013 Basic Principles of Islam
This subject is to introduce the students with the meaning of Islam and the five pillar of Islam, and some important concept in Islam like system of belief, shariah and ethics. Also contemporary issues related to Islam and misconceptions of Islam. Non-muslim students are also required to take this subject.

3. AD0023 Introduction to Nation Building
This subject is about the basic concept of nation building, the foundation of nation building, nation state in Malaysia, the plural society and multicultural society in Malaysia, and the challenges in Malaysia nation building.

4. AI0013 Introduction to ICT
This subject covers the basic concept of ICT - people, data, hardware, software, people and connectivity, the use of ICT in increasing productivity and influence the workplace management, and other issues related to ICT.

5. AL0012 English for Basic Conversation
Basically we are exposed with the MUET format and do some practices according to the format. We are also required to make a group assignment on places of interest around UUM in line with Visit Kedah programme. Well, visiting Kedah also means visiting UUM.

6. AM0013 Introduction to Business
We learn about the basic concepts in management, marketing, operations, human resource, financial and information technology, and the roles and the importance of management functions towards decision making.

7. AQ0013 Fundamental Mathematics 1
It's like your addmath during school, but only the calculus part. And some new topics like Number System.

[credit: subject syllabus and my experience]

Some subjects are new for me. Definitely should put more effort if I want to pass with flying colours. Pray for me.

🎧 Isyana Sarasvati - Keep Being You


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