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UPU result

Alhamdulillah I got Program Asasi UUM which is my first choice in UPU. And this is not a science stream programme. Yeah, I'm leaving science. To be honest I do love science but for several reasons, I decided to take this risk and hoping to learn something new.

Actually, I was hoping that I pass the interview for CAT programme at INTEC, the only sponsorship interview I went. INTEC is so near to my house. I think it is enough spending 5 years studying in a school quite far away from home.

Unfortunately, I didn't. I didn't pass the interview.

Hah amekau, kena campak kat Kedah pulak. Makin jauh ada la.

Since I got this asasi, I guess this is the best for me. But still, the fact there is none of my schoolmates will be studying in UUM too is making me so nervous.

At first I wanted to put asasi ekonomi dan sains pengurusan UIA as my first choice, but I put it as second anyway because asasi UUM has an interview session haha. Many of my schoolmates are accepted to UIA.

So I need to make new friends. Pray for me!


  1. Tahniah dear :) By the way, eyqa follow sini

  2. tahniah ! dont worry ! budak skolah anis ada dlm 6 org dapat UUM nnti jumpalah dgn diorang ~

  3. Congratz!! Mabruk :D duk elok2 kat Sintok nuh

    1. Insyaallah i try haha. Bukan senang nak cari kawan baru.


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